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Pacifica Seafood Market is a fishing family owned and operated retail seafood shop located in Corvallis, OR. We chose to open our retail location in Corvallis in order to provide the Willamette Valley with a variety of fresh, sustainably caught seafood with an emphasis on seafood caught directly off the Oregon coast. Most of our fish and crab is direct from our own commercial fishing vessels in Newport, Oregon with some fish coming from our fishing partners up and down the Oregon Coast. Our shop provides locally caught Dungeness crab, dolphin safe Albacore tuna, Black Cod (sablefish), Lingcod, Rockfish, Salmon, Halibut, and much more to Corvallis and the Willamette Valley. Our locally caught fish is harvested using sustainable, selective fishing methods (posts or hook-and-line) to provide you and your family with top quality, environmentally conscientious seafood at a reasonable price. 

Experienced Fish Market

We have over 20 years of fishing experience and are dedicated to sustainably harvesting seafood. We offer the highest quality and largest variety of wild caught, sustainably harvested seafood in the Corvallis area. You can trust the experience of our small, family fishing fleet to ensure the best-tasting seafood.

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Salmon, Halibut, Lingcod, Blackcod, Rockfish
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Crab & Lobsters
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Oysters, Clams & Mussels
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Shrimp & So Much More
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Fresh from the Sea

Pacifica Seafood Market has everything you need for the perfect seafood dinner. We offer a variety of fish,, shellfish (both live and fresh), as well as house made dips and sauces, smoked fish, and chowder. We also offer a variety of shelf sable locally made seafood products such as canned Albacore, canned smoked salmon, smoked oysters and more. Don't find what you are looking for? Ask us about special orders on seafood that is not part of our current inventory.

Sustainable & Responsible

Our mission to provide high-quality seafood also coincides with our desire for sustainable harvesting. Our boats utilize sustainable fishing methods such as hook and line, and pots, never trawl-nets or seines. Buy locally sourced seafood from us for the best quality, sustainably harvested seafood.

Get Your Seafood Today

If you want to get the best-tasting fresh-from-the-coast seafood, buy local from us and enjoy the delicious bounty Pacifica Seafood Market provides Corvallis and surrounding areas!

Our inventory changes with the seasons and current catch, so call the shop to inquire about our current inventory or check out our Facebook page for updates, holiday hours, and special deals.

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